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Ghana Micronutrient Survey

Project Completed

In collaboration with the University of Ghana-Legon, GroundWork is conducting the Ghana Micronutrient Survey (GMS 2017), a national micronutrient and nutrition survey that is being implemented in all regions of Ghana. The survey is funded by UNICEF and has been mandated by the Ghana Health Services. GroundWork and the University of Ghana-Legon lead on all aspects of the survey, starting from planning the survey, organizing for field and laboratory logistics, data entry and analysis, and reporting and dissemination.

Determinants of stunting, wasting and anemia in Guinea and assessment of nutritional response during the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone

Project Completed

In collaboration with UNICEF, GroundWork has analyzed data from DHS and SMART surveys to document the nutritional trends in children and women, and to investigate the determinants of stunting, wasting, and anemia in Guinea. In addition, GroundWork has conducted extensive qualitative research on the impact of the Ebola outbreak on nutritional care during and after the outbreak for both affected and non-affected populations, with a particular focus on infant and young child feeding practices. This qualitative research has been conducted in both Guinea and Sierra Leone in collaboration with UNICEF (Guinea) and Focus1000 (Sierra Leone).