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Programme effectiveness studies to reduce maternal and child malnutrition in Kenya

Project Ongoing

One Acre Fund has received support from the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) to expand their agricultural intervention model by including nutrition-sensitive and nutrition-specific interventions. To ensure that future interventions are evidence based, GroundWork and One Acre Fund are undertaking two studies to assess the nutrition impact of multiple nutrition activities: a longitudinal study of children <5 years of age and a longitudinal study of the "1,000 window" of growth and development that will enroll pregnant women and later track nutrition outcomes in their offspring. Both studies use a cluster-randomized controlled approach and are located in Western Kenya.

Uzbekistan National Nutrition Survey

Project Ongoing

GroundWork is providing technical support to the Ministry of Health and UNICEF to plan and implement a national nutrition survey in Uzbekistan. Previously, GroundWork has developed a survey protocol and is now providing support to the procurement of blood collection materials, training of survey field staff, supervision of data collection, coordination of biomarker assessment, data analysis and drafting of the survey report.