Our Approach

GroundWork provides tailor-made support to clients based on an analysis of their needs, capacities and that of their partner institutions. This enables us to operate a robust and flexible system to deliver high quality products to our clients in a timely manner.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To support efforts to improve the health of individuals in developing countries by facilitating evidence-based decision making.

Mission: To improve the quality, availability, timeliness and utility of nutrition and public health data worldwide.

Key Services

  • Survey Management and Oversight
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Support
  • Data Analysis and Publication Support

Environmental Commitment

Our support to nutrition and health studies in countries around the world requires regular travel by plane. We acknowledge that this air travel emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and contributes to climate change. In order to balance out our carbon footprint from air travel, we make annual donations to The Nature Conservancy (https://www.nature.org) as part of their carbon offset program. We began offsetting our carbon emissions in 2017, and our carbon offset reports can be found here.