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About Us​

The demand from the international public health community for high quality nutrition and health data is ever increasing.
To meet this demand, GroundWork designs and implements high-quality surveys, research studies, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems for nutrition and public health programs. By providing technical and managerial support to international agencies, we aim to facilitate evidence-based decision making.

Our Services

Survey Management

GroundWork designs and implements large-scale nutrition and micronutrient surveys from start to finish

Research Studies

GroundWork implements research studies, such as randomized controlled trials and case control studies, to fill key knowledge gaps


M&E Support

GroundWork supports governments, NGOs, UN agencies, and donor agencies to develop and implement monitoring and evaluation systems for public health projects

Our Recent Projects


Development of methods to measure the coverage of biofortified foods – Rwanda pilot study

Project Ongoing


Programme effectiveness studies to reduce maternal and child malnutrition in Kenya

Project Ongoing


Uzbekistan National Nutrition Survey

Project Completed


Micronutrient Survey in Somaliland, Puntland, and Central-South Somalia (SMS 2019)

Project Ongoing


Jordan National Micronutrient & Nutrition Survey (JNMNS 2019)

Project Ongoing


The Gambia National Micronutrient and Non-Communicable Diseases Survey

Project Completed

Our Recent Publications


Assessing the Coverage of Biofortified Foods: Development and Testing of Methods and Indicators in Musanze, Rwanda


Simplifying dietary assessment: The nutrient specific semi quantitative food frequency questionnaire


National Prevalence of Micronutrient Deficiencies, Anaemia, Genetic Blood Disorders and Over- and Undernutrition in Omani Women of Reproductive Age and Preschool Children


Household Coverage with Adequately Iodized Salt and Iodine Status of Nonpregnant and Pregnant Women in Uzbekistan


Risk Factors for Anemia and Micronutrient Deficiencies among Women of Reproductive Age—The Impact of the Wheat Flour Fortification Program in Uzbekistan


Anemia, micronutrient deficiencies, malaria, hemoglobinopathies and malnutrition in young children and non-pregnant women in Ghana: Findings from a national survey


Deworming children for soil-transmitted helminths in low and middle-income countries: systematic review and individual participant data network meta-analysis


Mass deworming for improving health and cognition of children in endemic helminth areas: A systematic review and individual participant data network meta‐analysis