Ministry of Health and Sanitation, UNICEF, WHO, HKI, GroundWork LLC

December 2015 – Report Release, Freetown, Sierra Leone

The 2013 Sierra Leone Micronutrient Survey (SLMS) is the first nationally-representative comprehensive micronutrient survey in Sierra Leone. Conducted by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and nutrition partners (e.g. UNICEF, WHO, Helen Keller International, and others), the SLMS collected data on micronutrient deficiencies, anemia, and malaria of children <5 years of age, and non-pregnant women 15-49 years of age, and pregnant women. The SLMS was conducted prior to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, and the information collected by the SLMS will enable the government and international agencies to monitor the current status of national nutrition programs (e.g. salt iodization and vitamin A supplementation) and to plan future nutrition interventions. GroundWork supported the SLMS by designing the survey protocol, developing the questionnaires, training survey staff, analyzing data, and writing the report.

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