Wirth JP, Jooste P, Costa C, Nsalambi CA, Futi M, Agbo S

December 2016 – IDD Newsletter

Over the past decade, Angola has made continuous efforts to enhance its salt iodization program. Salt iodization was made mandatory in 2008, and according to the existing survey and monitoring data, the majority of salt in Angola is iodized (although the adequacy of iodized salt is unknown). Despite these advances, there has not been a comprehensive and recent assessment of iodine status in children and women nor of the iodine content of table salt at the production sites or in the households. To address this information gap, a situation analysis of Angola’s salt iodization program was conducted in July 2016, and provides detailed recommendations to enhance the program moving forward. This situation analysis was followed by a workshop of salt producers and public health stakeholders in September 2016, and advocacy activities promoting the benefits of iodized salt were conducted in October 2016.

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