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The demand from the international public health community for high quality nutrition and health data is ever increasing.

Despite this demand, the collection of this information is often not undertaken due to a lack of technical capacity and experience.This is most notable in developing countries, where up-to-date nutrition and health data are often patchy or outdated. Without current data on the health status of a population, program planners struggle to design, implement, and evaluate their programs. GroundWork LLC was established to fill this gap and specializes in the delivery of high-quality surveys and the design of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems for nutrition and public health programs. Through the provision of management and scientific support to international agencies, we aim to facilitate evidence-based decision making.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To support efforts to improve the health of individuals in developing countries by facilitating evidence-based decision making. Mission: To improve the quality, availability, timeliness and utility of nutrition and public health data worldwide.

Key Services

  • Survey Management and Oversight
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Support
  • Data Analysis and Publication Support